Memories From The Farmyard

ISBN: 9781906578633
Publisher: Colourpoint Books
Dimensions: 240x204mm landscape
Cover: Softback
Illustration: Full colour
Pages: 112pp

Memories From The Farmyard

By Paul Callaghan




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As seen in Farm Week!

In this book Paul Callaghan highlights and celebrates the work of notable Ulster livestock breeders who, in the same way as the famous 18th century English farmer Robert Bakewell, were inspired to take up the challenge to ‘breed something better’. Through a fascinating and entertaining series of accounts, that first featured in Farm Week, we explore aspects such as the impact of the Ravenhill herd on the British Friesian breed and the Heyday of the Hereford. We also pay homage to the Large White Ulster breed of pigs and look at some old examples of the ‘veterinary art’.

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The Author

Paul Callaghan was born in Portadown, County Armagh where his interest in farming began at an early age. Much of his time outside school was spent on a small, mixed holding near his home. There he gained valuable experience and knowledge of older farming methods and traditional livestock breeds before moving on to assist on a modern pedigree pig unit. Later Paul studied meat technology and is a Graduate Member of the Institute of Meat. Since 2003 he has written a weekly column in Farm Week entitled ‘Memories from the Farmyard’. He is married to Victoria and lives in Belfast.

Foreword by Robin Morrow, President, Royal Ulster Agricultural Society

I enjoy reading Paul Callaghan’s weekly editorials in Farm Week where he brings an insightful perspective on the history and development of Northern Ireland’s agri-industries. So it was with some anticipation that I looked forward to this opportunity to review his new book, Memories from the Farmyard. I must say that I was not disappointed and that I very much enjoyed Paul’s book.

Memories from the Farmyard charts the development of all the principal cattle breeds in Northern Ireland across a period of just over one hundred years, and does so with remarkable flair and insight. The book reveals not just the methods used to create today’s great breeds, but also gives flesh to many of the cattle breeders and characters from the past, whose vision and drive contributed so much to today’s farming landscape. On a personal note, I have to say that as a retired dairy farmer, I have an innate interest in the history of cattle breeding in Northern Ireland. I was therefore particularly interested in the reference to the ‘Ravenhill’ herd, from which we bought our first Friesian bull in the late 1940s.

This book is a valuable record of how farming has evolved in this part of Ireland from the mid-nineteenth century and I am sure anyone with an interest in the history of farming and cattle breeding here will find it interesting reading. Moreover, I consider it to be a document that is well worth having on the bookshelf for future generations.

I have always believed that it is important to promote our farming industry to the consumer. Memories from the Farmyard is an important tool in this process. It shows the effort, work and vision that have gone into farming, particularly cattle breeding, over the generations. This legacy from our forefathers has helped to position us where we are today, with one of the most efficient dairy industries in Western Europe, possibly the world.

Robin Morrow
Royal Ulster Agricultural Society

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