Unfinished Peace

ISBN: 9781780730929
Publisher: Colourpoint Books
Cover: paperback
Pages: 256pp

Unfinished Peace

Thoughts on Northern Ireland's Unanswered Past
By Brian Rowan



To the outside world, Northern Ireland is now ‘at peace’ but, as those of us who live here know, the day-to-day reality is something far more complex.

In this landmark book, veteran journalist and commentator Brian Rowan explores a still unfinished peace, examining the conflict period with the benefit of hindsight and highlighting the issues which still dominate our present.

He is assisted by a ground breaking collection of newly written accounts from key individuals including public figures, loyalists and republicans, those working behind the scenes, and the ordinary people who have experienced loss and hurt.

Beginning with the Shankill bombing of 1993, this book takes a fresh look at the IRA and Loyalist ceasefires of 1994, the Docklands bomb, the Good Friday Agreement and the genesis of the dissident republican campaign. It addresses ongoing concerns such as the prisoners and the ‘Disappeared’, and traces a path through the endless consultations and political talks – Eames/Bradley, Haass/O’Sullivan and Stormont House negotiations. Like the most recent ‘Fresh Start’ agreement, they were designed, but failed, to create a mechanism to address legacy issues and the archiving of the past.

Above all, this is a book about individuals, a book which goes deeper than recording the big gestures and carefully choreographed steps of the public face of the peace process.

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