Aircraft and Aerospace Manufacturing in Northern Ireland

ISBN: 9781780730608
Publisher: Colourpoint Books
Cover: Paperback
Pages: 128pp

Aircraft and Aerospace Manufacturing in Northern Ireland

An Illustrated History - 1909 to the Present Day
By Guy Warner, Ernie Cromie



Northern Ireland has an enviable, extensive and often unappreciated role in aviation history.

With a focus on aircraft manufacturing from the first pioneering steps by Lilian Bland, Joseph Cordner and a young Harry Ferguson, through a century of developments in production and research, this illustrated volume highlights that history and the people who played a part.

Using over 300 black and white and colour images, with extended captions, the authors take a chronological look at how, from innovative beginnings, a successful aircraft and aerospace industry has thrived locally through periods of war and peace. Aircraft from both military and civil backgrounds are featured including the early experiments, licensed military production, flying boats, conversions, fascinating research designs, jet and missile developments, and successful transport and passenger aeroplanes. Details of both locations and people help to bring the story to life.

Written by two experts on the topic and drawing on the archives and collections of Bombardier Belfast and Ulster Aviation Society, this volume contains much previously unpublished material.

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