The Thin Green Line

ISBN: 978-1-848848-63-4
Publisher: Pen & Sword Books Ltd
Dimensions: 234x156mm
Cover: Paperback
Pages: 320pp

The Thin Green Line

The History of the Royal Ulster Constabulary GC 1922-2001
By Richard Doherty



Formed out of the Royal Irish Constabulary at the time of Partition, the RUC's history is predictably a turbulent one right through to its replacement in 2001 by the Police Service of Northern Ireland. Few police forces in the world have suffered so grievously as the RUC and this book is a fitting memorial to the sacrifices made in the interests of the civil population it was determined to protect. Throughout its history, it has not only had to perform normal police duties but contain the ever present IRA threat. In 1969, the climate changed and ushered in a new and even more violent era of sectarian strife. The emergence of extreme nationalist organisations posed grave problems and, with the RUC in a prime role, the position of the Chief Constable was hugely important. This book tells the story of a remarkable police force without fear or favour. Ironically its reward for containing a hugely challenging internal security situation and at the same time policing the community traditionally was its disbandment.

Additional Information

From County Londonderry, Richard Doherty is recognised as Ireland's leading military history author with more than 20 published works to his credit. He has also worked on TV historical series including The Sons of Ulster and The Siege Chronicles.

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